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Bond Service

Our services:

  • We will make comparisons of costs: bonded target - monolithic target
  • We will submit proposals on the design of the bond target such as target segmentation, target thickness, choice of the back panel, bond technology
  • Re-use of the back panels

Bonded targets offer different possibilities on how to proceed:

  • You order the target bonded on a new back panel. We ensure the procurement of all necessary components
  • You deliver us a (used) back panel and we will bond a new target on it
  • You deliver us a used target We ensure the de-bonding and re-bonding of a new target
  • You deliver all components (target and back panel) and only make use of our bond service

Of course we also offer a lot of special services for bonded targets. 

→Packaging and transport
→Quality inspection
→Target recycling

No matter which procedure you choose, you can count on comprehensive advice, support and perfect quality!