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LaB6 ceramics and cathodes

Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6)

  • low work function (Electron emissivity)
  • good thermal shock resistance
  • good electrical conductivity
  • good chemical and oxidation resistance



  • electron source
  • thermionic emmission (cathode)
  • electrical conductive ceramics
  • plasma source for plasma enhanced coating (PECVD)



Structure polycrystalline
Thermal conductivity W/mK 47 (20 °C)
Thermal expansion 10-6K-1 6,2 (20 - 900 °C)
Density g/cm3 4,72  
Melting point K 2528  
Spec. electrical resistance μΩ cm ca. 15 (20 °C)
Electrical conductivity S/cm 6,65 x 104 (20 °C)
Current density at Tmax A/cm2 150 (1950 °C)
Electron emissivity eV < 4  


We manufacture cathodes to your requirements as 

  • Tubes
  • Rings
  • Plates
  • according to your drawings

Our extensive material knowledge and specially developed manufacturing processes enable 

  • a wide variety of designs, also complex geomet
  • single parts as well as series manufacture
  • defined setting of work function, within limits
  • technical support in all matters concerning design and application



like  LaB6, CaB6, CeB66, EuB6


We manufacture Hexaborid-Ceramics Lanthanides like LaB6, CeB6, EuB6 and alkaline earth metals like CaB6 for Application as cathodes for vacuum coating, welding, Plasmatechnology.